Hong Kong


overlooking Hong Kong at sunrise
Hong Kong observation wheel ferris wheel at night
Looking up at the vertical rise of the HK Tick Fat building at sunset
Hong Kong long exposure light trails at night
Looking up at the skyscrapers of Hong Kong at night
Looking up at the Hong Kong skyscraper off of which Batman dove in the Dark Knight - IFC building
Sunrise from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Aerial image looking down from above the heights of Hong Kong's skyscrapers
Looking up at the vertical height of Hong Kong skyscrapers
blades of light cut through the mist of Man Mo temple in Hong Kong
light trails of traffic cruising through downtown central Hong Kong at night in front of the IFC building

Landscape, Cityscape and travel images of Hong Kong by Philippe Newman. Night photography, sunrises and other inspiring views from around this eclectic and amazing place on earth.